Software Patterns

Pattern System

To use patterns effectively, we need to organize them into pattern systems. A pattern system describes patterns uniformly, classifies them, and most importantly, shows how they are interwoven with each other. Pattern systems also help you to find the right pattern to solve a problem or to identify alternative solutions to it. This is in contrast to a pattern catalog, where each pattern is described more or less in isolation from other patterns. Pattern systems help us to use the power that the entirety of patterns provides.

Object-oriented features are not essential for implementing many patterns. Most of them just happen to have oo variations/implementations.


An idiom is a low-level pattern, specific to a programming language. An idiom describes how to implement particular aspects of components or the relationships between them using the features of the given language. Idioms represent the lowest-level patterns. They address aspects of both design and implementation.

Design Patterns

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Architectural Patterns

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Continuous Integration Patterns

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Integration Patterns

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Anti Patterns

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